Hi, my name is Jack Ng. Here’s a short introduction about myself, and what kind of expertise I have, which can assist you in your property needs.

I started out in the Real Estate Industry 5 years ago as a newbie with little help from the veterans as they were not as enthusiastic to groom new guys like me in the past. During that time, the use of social media and Internet website on real estate provides little information and limited resources. Since then, I have been working my way up though trial and error, most of the times knocking into walls, to gain experiences. I have spent huge sums of money on self-investment to gain more knowledge on property planning and real estate investments. As I believe, knowledge is power, something that cannot be bought or measured with money.

Attending all the real estate and investment courses boosted my confidence greatly. Couple that with real life experiences I have gained from all my transactions and interactions with my clients, I have assisted countless of owners and buyers to sell and buy their homes successfully and seamlessly.

In Singapore, we are all under the mercy of cooling measures; which in fact, has suppressed down a lot of transactions; and made a lot of homebuyers holding back their purchases because of the Additional Buyer Stamp Duty and Total Debt Servicing Ratio.

This is the part where I stand out, to share with you the strategies and ideas that will help to work out the kinks and alleviate you from situations, which you are stuck at and help to facilitate your buying/selling easier.

As a homeowner and a property investor myself, I understand that buying a property is one of the biggest decisions that you have to make, and we don’t want you to fret. Hence, my partner, Ginn Chia, and I will be walking with you through every single step of the process with no pressure till the purchase is completed; the experience will be the best you ever had in getting your new home through us.

Every client is a dear friend to me, I do not only protect their interest and place it in my top priority, I always help them sell/buy their homes as if I am dealing for my own property needs. Feel free to talk to me and share with me any property related concerns or qualms you have. Looking forward to meeting you soon!