Understanding Types of Landed Property and Landed Housing Area Plan in Singapore


A landed property is a type of private residential property, which comprises of:

  • Strata-landed houses (cluster housing)
  • Terrace houses
  • Semi-detached houses
  • Detached houses (bungalows)
  • Good Class Bungalows

How to recognise types of landed property and planning guidelines

Strata Landed/ Cluster Housing:

Developments comprise bungalows, semi-detached or terrace houses / townhouses or a combination of these units with communal facilities such as swimming pool, gym, security, club-house etc.

Each unit has a carpark comprised in an accessory lot attached to the strata lot (has to be sold with the unit).

These houses have similiar facade within a development. Like condominium, every houses share communal facilities like gymansium, swimming pools, function rooms etc.


They comprise terraced type units in condominium or strata landed / cluster housing developments.

They are issued with strata titles.

Terrace Houses

Residential dwelling houses built in a row of at least 3 units each abutting party walls built on the common boundaries.

Planning guidelines

– minimum plot size of 150m2 (terrace I) / 80m2 (Terrace II) and subject to height control (2 or 3 storey).

Semi-Detached Houses

A pair of semi-detached house share a party wall.

URA guidelines:

– Minimum plot size of 200m2

– Subject to height control (2 or 3 storeys)


Detached Houses/ Bungalows

Comprise free standing developments

URA guidelines:

– Minimum plot size of 400m2 width 10m

Subject to height control (2 or 3 storeys)

Good Class Bungalows (GCBs)

Comprise free standing developments over a large plot of land.

URA Guidelines:

  • Only 2 storey developments allowed
  • Have a minimum plot size of 1,400m2
  • Site coverage (footprint of building) not more than 35%
  • Have their own setback requirements which are different from other smaller bungalow developments.

Landed Housing Area Plan1


From this set of Landed Housing Area Plan, you are able to find out the locations of these safeguarded estates, and the type of housing that can be built in your estate. These estates are categorised by the predominant housing form as follows:

  • Good Class Bungalow area where bungalow development must have a minimum plot size of 1,400 sqm. Strata bungalows are also permitted.
  • Bungalow area where bungalow development must have a minimum plot size of 400 sqm. Strata bungalows are also permitted.
  • Semi-detached area where bungalows, strata bungalows, semi-detached and strata semi-detached houses are permitted.
  • Mixed Landed housing area where any form of landed housing such as bungalows, semi-detached houses and terrace type I (occupying a land area of 150 sqm) are permitted. In addition, townhouses, strata bungalows and cluster housing with their own control guidelines are also permitted. Terrace type II (occupying a land area of 80 sqm) is, however subject to evaluation as these houses with 1.0m front setback could affect the streetscape.



In 1994, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) carried out a study of all existing landed housing estates. This study arose from an observation that the character of some of our landed housing estates has been changing, especially in the older housing estates. Land was being subdivided into smaller plots for terrace and semi-detached houses while others are developed for flats and condominiums. It was also common for homeowners to add a second or third storey to their existing houses.

If such developments were allowed to continue freely, the character of these established housing areas would be changed. But in land scarce Singapore, it would not be possible to preserve all landed housing estates in their original forms. Nevertheless, some of these estates need to be protected to satisfy the needs and aspirations of Singaporeans who want to live in a good landed property environment.

As part of the Master Plan 2008, we have reviewed and updated this set of safeguarding plans that was introduced as the Designated Landed Housing Estates Plan.

To view the Landed Housing Area Plan, click here

Source: https://www.ura.gov.sg/uol/guidelines/residential-property/Reconstruction/Sections/Housing-Area/Plan.aspx